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Download as PDF. Tony Manx Date: Sun, 20:44:51 GMT From: (Geoff Merryweather. Motorcycle Modifiers Register of Australia. "Phil Dorman" Subj: Re: MC-Chassis S/A pivot. Later, Ed '91 883/1200 Sporty Glendale, AZ m Date: Sat, 00:12:26 1100 From: Ian Drysdale Subject: MC-Chassis Left field My patternmaker and I are up to no good again - it is a little off list but will still interest most listers I imagine. Cheers, Michael Date: Wed, 17:58:38 0000 From: Julian Subject: Re: MC-Chassis - Weight worksheet Ok Julian, You have posted the worksheet, although in list form. Heck, I can even tell you what the Aluminum 8ga. If it could be saved as an Adobe Acrobat file that can be read by - - anyone with the free reader, and the stuff looks quite nice.

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Joe mentioned: *if the cylinders are done could I tighten up on the piston to cyl clearance? Does anyone remember the Big Single discussion on the FF list a couple of years ago? Now Ive started to make a chassis for my big blokes billycart and need some help. I got a 5' section of 12" wide channel at a local scrap yard for around 35 and tossed it in the back of my car to carry it home (I tried to move a 60" Bridgeport table once, it's probably literally 5-10 times the. ( KTM, CAN AM etc ) comes in at. It would even out to a certain degree. All wheels were BMX pushbike ones. Couple of others : ZZR 1100 Kawaski - 74 kg ( ZX 11 in the states ) 750 - V8 Drysdale - 65 kg - carbs - no radiater. Date: Sat, 13:27:18 EST From: Subject: MC-Chassis re: Streetfighters Magazine Date: Fri, 21:59:16 -0600From: "Thomas Alberti" Is this a British rag?

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Motorcycle Chassis: Italian singles online dating jakobstad

Arranging the rear suspension for such a layout would be an interesting issue in itself. Some contend that off set is detrimental to handling, others say it matters not. Actually you have to remember that a modern off-road bike with 11 inches of travel will also be using a 21-23" swing-arm. "Michael Moore" Subj: MC-Chassis MotoBi frame. Over X-mas I'm going home so I'll see if i can get some pictures of this too if people are interested. Initially I was going to make a splined extension for the gearbox output shaft and an outrigger bearing for the end. What angle did they use?

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The ceramic reduces the heat input into the piston ie it limits its expansion. We have added some pictures to our website from the nordic classic cup 96, 97 also a picture of a bike on our dyno, more to come. Any picture available of these, Ian? Had a portion of the frame re-fabricated and a custum pipe made. These can then be pivoted about the bolt in the side flange, adjusting the hole the cross bar is through, to get things to line. Subj: MC-Chassis - Chassis Fixture.

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