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Intriguing 9,000-Year-Old Well-Preserved Underwater Site Found In Sweden Researchers discovered the oldest known stationary fish traps in northern Europe off the coast of southern Sweden. Largest Viking hoard ever discovered in Denmark. Scientists have found mysterious ancient artifacts, new clues about Vikings, puzzling ancient graves, unusual symbolic petroglyphs, magical ancient objects, missing rune stones and much more. When they removed soil and opened the grave, they discovered a precious Viking treasure. .

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Unexplainable 6,000-Year-Old Petroglyphs Linked To Ancient Ritual Site Discovered In Arjeplog Mountains, Sweden Puzzle Scientists Surrounded by beautiful large, deep lakes such as Lake Hornavan, Lake Uddjaur and Lake Tjeggelvas, the Arjeplogs mountain archipelago offers visitors astonishing scenery and archaeologists a wealth of information about our. An amateur archeologist in Finland has made an extraordinary discovery of a three-headed eagle pendant on the Pohdonsaari Island. The ancient rings are covered with intriguing magical designs and believed to have been used as ritual objects. Ancient Skeleton Confirms Dramatic Historical Events In Sverres Saga King Sverre of Norway ( ) n ancient human skeleton discovered in the bottom of an abandoned castle well in Trondheim, Norway confirms dramatic historical events mentioned in Norse Sagas. The recent discovery consists of unique 1,000-year-old artifacts, skeletons and remains of a fairly large church. . Sverres Saga is a Norse Saga written about 1170 by an Icelander called Eiríkr Oddsson. The unique discovery was made while excavating a 9,200 year-old settlement at what was once a lake in Blekinge, in southern Sweden. A similar artifact has never been found anywhere in Finland.

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Soil conditions at the site have prevented the preservation of any other remains, but the finds in the tomb confirm that there was a man and a woman in the main part and another man in the back. We know that the fortress was deliberately set on fire by someone on the outside, but who did it, is still unclear. Missing Ancient Thy Rune Stone Found After Vanishing For 200 Years. It is the largest Viking treasure ever discovered in Uppland, a county on the eastern coast of Sweden. Her skeleton was very poorly preserved and incomplete.

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During the 14th century, the castle was expanded by the third Valdemar, Valdemar the Younger. Nevertheless, the underwater site is still very intriguing and offers many clues to how our ancestors lived as well as what kind of environmental changes they were facing. 9,000-year-old fish bones discovered in southern Sweden provides earliest evidence of fermentation for food preservation anywhere in the world. They found Denmarks largest Viking gold treasure consisting of several beautiful bracelets weighing a total of almost one kilogram (2.2. According to Dan Lindholm, director of the Ekenäs Museum, only a few selected individuals were allowed to carry a true symbol of power like this one. New Symbolic Bronze Age Petroglyphs Discovered In Sweden. The building measures four by thirteen meters and contained three graves dating back to 950. Viking Death House: Unique Tomb With Rare Remains Of Powerful Couple And Artifacts Discovered In Denmark Viking Death House: Unique Tomb With Rare Remains Of Powerful Couple And Artifacts Discovered In Denmark A unique Viking tomb with rare remains of powerful couple has been unearthed in Denmark. Spectacular 5,000-Year-Old Stone Map Discovered In Denmark Sheds New Light On Ancient Farming Archaeologists have found a spectacular, 5,000-year-old stone map on Bornholm. However, this submerged ancient settlement is in no way related to the lost legendary continent of Atlantis. Other rock petroglyphs depict ships, bowls, sun seksi sivusto inka tuominen porno crosses and a human being. Sven-Gunnar Broström and Kenneth Ihrestam are busy investigating the petroglyphs. The ancient coin is a rare discovery. Over the years archaeologists have made several attempts to locate the unique, thousand-year-old stone, but without any success. 200 Ancient Amulet Rings With Magical Designs Discovered At Gamla Uppsala, Sweden Archaeologists have discovered a large amount of ancient amulet rings at Gamla Uppsala, one of the most important, sacred ancient Viking and Pagan sites in Sweden. This is a truly astonishing discovery since most Viking hoards consist of silver artifacts. european dating sites online ekenäs

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